Jun 20, 2017

Yes, the idea of velvet has the potential to arouse major cringe-worthy fashion memories, especially if you were a fashion victim of the 90s. However, when major “It” girls such as Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo and Kendall Jenner are sporting this look, one can’t help but re-think their stance on velvet, and perhaps give ourselves the “thumbs up” to don this luxe material. After all, we aren’t recommending you pair your velvet dress or jacket with glitter eye shadow and doc martins.

If you are still leaning to the left on this subject, we aren’t necessarily suggesting that head-to-toe look that style icons such as Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung pull off so well. Instead, pair a well-cut velvet top with a pair of jeans to add some drama to your casual day/night time look. Shop this look here.

Alternatively, consider adding a few velvet accessories into your look. There are an incredible range of velvet goodies in stores such as shoes, bags, gloves and chokers.

We love the velvet look as it works for any woman – elegant and sophisticated, young and flirty, classical or whimsical. It’s all in the cut, texture or colour. The range gives you the option of looking casually chic during the day, or sophisticated and sexy in the evening. Whichever look you are going for.

We suggest you inject this gorgeous material into your wardrobe.

Genevieve Joubert