May 07, 2017

There inevitably comes a time when you walk into your once favourite room and it simply doesn’t make you happy. It could be that it is outdated, there are pockets of clutter, or your favourite décor collections don’t take centre stage. Although a complete overhaul may be a solution, albeit costly, shelving can often be the more affordable and easy solution.

The benefits of incorporating shelving into your living space is endless. We have identified the top five benefits to assist you in your journey of achieving your interior goals.

Decorative space management

Most people do not have the luxury of large living spaces, and therefore not surprisingly, storage is often an important selling point for homeowners. Floating shelves offer a decorative space management solution, providing an efficient use of unused space without cluttering already tight floor space.


This is organisation that feels and looks like decorating. Unlike cupboards and storage boxes, everything is also easily accessible and moveable, allowing you the change the design and look of your room whenever the mood arises.

Visual interest

The visual benefits of shelving are endless. Shelves don’t have to automatically equate to book storage solutions.

Instead, shelves can themselves be an interesting design accent on a once boring wall, adding character and style to a living space.


Equally, they can be used to showcase your favourite curated décor or art collections. Using shelving to display artwork offers flexibility and interest with your display. We love how you can stack and group different pieces to create your own story.


Updating a room

Investing your cash into interior facelifts can be daunting. Not only because of the costs, but also because our style preferences change overtime. Therefore, investing in a complete overhaul which we may not love in five years’ time can be unnerving.

However, a well selected shelving unit can update a room from boring country to a modern rustic industrial winner.


Creatively defining your living space

Shelves don’t only have to be designated to walls. In fact, one of our favourite uses of shelves is as a room divider. Putting shelving to this use helps to use existing unused space more practically and efficiently by creating ‘rooms within rooms’ in a visually appealing way.


Creative detailing

The wide range of shelving solutions means that you have endless opportunity to select the shelving solution that appeals to both the functional practicality and creativity bubbling inside of you.

Once you have decided on your spatial requirements, there is no end to the entertainment of creative detailing offered by shelving. We have a few shelving solutions that we hope inspires your functional creativity.


Our interchangeable unit.


Genevieve Joubert