May 16, 2017

For many, Scandinavian homes are a source of interior inspiration. Despite their love of minimalist, white (and often monochromatic) interiors; their homes exude an alluring coziness. There are many ways to incorporate Nordic elements into your interiors; however, the addition of an Icelandic Sheepskin is one of the simplest ways to emulate Nordic luxury, and add warmth during cold winter months.

Sheepskins complement a wide range of interior styles, albeit industrial, contemporary, or classical design. The addition of a sheep skin adds plush warmth to a voluminous industrial living space.


The versatility of sheepskins is one of the reasons many interior decorators love this product. Use it to layer surfaces, adding rich luxury and attention-grabbing texture to every room in your home.

Include a sheepskin in your bedroom as a rug, or casually layered with your favourite throws over your bed. Sheepskins also look great as a throw in the living room over a chair, bench, or sofa.



The visual interest of sheepskins is not only the texture. The variety of colours and detail of naturally sourced undyed skins brings a cheerful addition to a monochromatic room. Essentially, the application of a soft coloured sheepskin updates a room from bare and cool, to chic minimalism.



Sheepskins not only function as décor, but they offer many practical uses. Although the obvious is for warmth; sheepskins are useful to reduce bedsores for bedridden patients, provide soft natural fibre bedding for your infant’s cot, and as a cosy bed for your canine family members.

Interior designers are also increasingly using them for upholstery projects.


In preparation for winter, RusTiq offers a new range of sustainably sourced 100% natural undyed Icelandic Sheepskins.

Importantly, the sheepskins are all ethically sourced from a regulated and licenced supplier operating in Iceland. RusTiq does not support the inhumane treatment of animals, and thus care has been taken to ensure that all skins are sustainably sourced as a by-product from other industry activities.

Take a look at a few of our favourite Icelandic Sheepskins and decor inspiration available on our online store:  




Important care instructions

With proper care, Icelandic Sheepskins can last in your home for many years.

Unlike synthetic sheepskins, no household cleaning products should be used. To clean minor stains from long wool sheepskins, a damp cloth or sponge can be used. Alternatively, a specialised liquid wool cleaner specifically manufactured for sheepskins may be used. Make sure to read the instructions carefully.

Sheepskins should never be machine washed, dry cleaned, tumble dried or exposed to other heat sources.

Importantly, following any form of water cleaning, stretch the sheepskin to minimise shrinkage of the hide, and dry away from direct sunlight. When dry, you can gently comb the fur to fluff it out.




Genevieve Joubert